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Monday, April 4, 2011

A New House!

I think it started when Auntie Berman said we couldn't have a bathroom.

"Dolls don't take baths and they don't use the toilet," she said. "Why do they need a bathroom?"

"Well," I replied somewhat huffily, "They don't eat and they don't cook food and they don't sleep, so why have a kitchen or a dining room or a bedroom? They might as well live in a cardboard box!"

"They do," she snickered.

So since then I've been racking my brains (well, I guess I only have one brain to rack [and I had to look it up to see if it's rack or wrack]) to think of a way to get a Real Doll House. I kept thinking of a bookcase but wasn't sure if that was practical.

Then this morning, Auntie Berman had a Premonition. (She often hears voices in her head, although she claims she doesn't hear them, she just Knows Things.) "Let's go up Valley Road (Salvation Army Warehouse)," she said.

I demurred. "We'd just buy stuff we don't need", said I. But Auntie Berman was firm and I thought perhaps we might find something useful. So off we went.

And found the perfect thing. A bookcase/headboard, just the right size, and it was only $10!

From now on, I will listen to the voices in Auntie Berman's head.

Edward and Geoffrey inspect the new house.

We have turned it upside down because we think it will be more useful that way.

Next came some painting.

The kitchen will still be red, of course. It's such a cheerful color.

The bathroom (yes, we get to have a bathroom!) is Bahama Blue.

That's all the painting for now. The base color of the bookcase is light green, so that will do for the dining room. The rest will be painted or wallpapered later.


  1. This house does seem perfect! But where will it fit in? What size is it? I love the spaciousness of your dollhouse---what fun to re-decorate too! Love, MollyK.

  2. I would like to clarify that I DO NOT hear voices inside (nor outside) my head. I do, however, sometimes get "thoughts" or ideas... which prove to beneficial to all concerned.

  3. The house is 48 inches long and 42 inches tall and 12 inches deep (shallower than the boxes). It fits along the wall/window at one side of the bed and it's raised up on two 14 inch crates.