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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Canoes for Wayfarers Inn

We found two really cool canoes on one of our latest expeditions, canoes just the right size for Wayfarers Inn. The canoes apparently came from a resort somewhere. On the bottom was this:

If you can't read it, it says: Yes, you can take me home,
and $50 will be added to your room charges. Please advise the Hotel Desk at check-out.

Geoffrey, Ruby, and Cassie listen as the Indian girl explains about canoes.
The Indian girl was originally a long-haired doll, but I saw a picture of a really cute Indian boy doll with a Mohawk so I thought I would try turning mine into a boy. I cut her hair into a Mohawk but she's a little too curvaceous to be a boy and I had to give her a dress instead of a loincloth.

I was searching through my photos, which are all jumbled together in a big box, and I found an interesting picture.

The back says "at Christmas 1951 Lee and Dee Anna"
I have no idea who these people are (you've got to love the man's bow tie), but I suddenly realized what was on the mantel behind them!

"Maybe 60 years from now we can go live at Wayfarers Inn!"