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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Couple of Different Dollies

Last summer or fall we picked up a couple of unwanted, nude dollies at Goodwill Bargain Bin. They caught my eye because they were so pretty. One was an Effanbee vinyl doll from 1978, possibly one of their Disney Princesses. The other is a totally unmarked doll (except for Made in China).

I haven't named them yet. I am leaning toward Priscilla and Tiffany, although we once had a ferret named Tiffany. (She was a very Valley Girl sort of ferret.) Priscilla always looks very snobbish and Tiffany looks demented in her pictures (but not in real life).

Yesterday, my HLP's scrapping partner found a tiny pair of handcuffs. HLP felt compelled to arrest the two girls.

Priscillal looks like she's been through this before, but Tiffany was quite horrified. She thought they were just dressing up to go to the mall.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Hooray! Mrs. Smith got my camera working again so we're back in business.

Auntie Berman got some festive hats for the dollies at the Dollar Tree. She didn't get enough for everyone but they are all happy to share.

Alice admires Juliana's and Reginald's hats.
Alice is really admiring Goldie's new dress, which we found at Goodwill Bargain Bin.

Mary Rose, Juliana, and Reginald show off their hats while Dorinda looks on.
Dorinda actually didn't want a hat because it would clash with her outfit. At least that's what she says. Reginald is happy to wear a non-helmet hat.

A dog has come to live at Wayfarers Inn. Jeff the Collie has joined the household.

Flora, Gloriana, Goldie, and Bonnie welcome Jeff.
Jeff has kind of a bobble head. He came from the Salvation Army warehouse. We were quite excited to find him because we are always on the lookout for Jeff the Collie dogs, real or otherwise.

Auntie Berman needs to get to work on the nursery. Two more children have appeared. Where did they come from? The mad scientist with red hair is babysitting them right now.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Visit From Mrs. Smith's Dolls

Mrs. Smith came back from California and brought her dollies to visit. One is a Geoffrey-type groom doll in a knitted outfit and a very nice hat. The girls are all dressed in their Native Costumes.

Mrs. Smith was in a terrible hurry, for some reason, so I was only able to set everyone up in the Glitter Room, take their picture, and give them back again. Geoffrey is standing with his back to the camera, behind a blue uh, egg cup. He is facing Mrs. Smith's groom doll, who was standing up straight before he fainted. His head is a bit noddy (he needs restringing).  Several of the dollies fainted. I think there was an earthquake.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wayfarers Inn - The Glitter Room

Mrs. Smith was eager to use her decorating skills. She produced a magnificent chamber featuring a mural around the top of the room with a glittery wainscot below and a glittery ceiling.

Glorious Dolorious and Bonnie are the first to set foot in the Glitter Room
Edward, Dorinda, and Glorious Dolorious think it should be a ballroom, not a bedroom
Well, the dollies have decided they want the Glitter Room for a ballroom. The carpet will have to come out. An orchestra must be found. So much to do, so little time.

Wayfarers Inn -- More Rooms

Above the music room and parlor is the Rooftop Garden. Yes, it needs a lot of work. I have decided to name the dolly from Bourbon Street Chardonay, Charlie for short.

Charlie and Starla admire the view from the rooftop garden

While Mary Rose, Ruby, and Mr. Philadelphia have a sing-along
The library:

I realize I called this the parlor before but since I made a really dreadful bookcase for it, it became the library.

An early attempt at the parlor or music room:

Reginald, former Amish girl, and Edward wonder how to put the room to rights
The dining room was painted and curtains made.

Glorious Dolorious and Cassie watch as Dorinda and Bonnie unpack the dining room implements

The dining table seemed a bit large, especially after I made chairs, so a smaller table has been temporarily substituted.

Cassie and the girls check out the new chairs
This was going to be the bedroom:

It was obviously too small. Our friend Mrs. Smith got inspired. She disappeared for a few hours and came back with The Glitter Room!

Wayfarers Inn - The First Rooms

When I first got into the little dolls, Auntie Berman and I started talking about a doll house. My Husband-Like Person (HLP) looked worried for a couple of days. Finally he asked "Am I going to have to build you a doll house?" The look of relief on his face when I kindly said no (he hates woodworking) was priceless..

It's a shame he doesn't like woodworking. Because these dolls are mostly 7 1/4" tall, they are too big for standard doll houses and too small for playscale. So we had to use cardboard boxes. Auntie Berman kindly made the first room, a two-story affair that serves as a parlor and a music room.

I was anxious to get started on the kitchen, so I made a refrigerator.
The first stages of the kitchen
Auntie Berman came over and laughed herself sick. "That's a refrigerator?" she gasped. "You cut an egg carton in half. A 5-year-old could have done a better job." I beg to differ. A 5-year-old would not have been allowed to use the sharp scissors it took to cut the egg carton (and it was not in half, it was three quarters). I replied with dignity that it wasn't finished yet. When Big Sis heard about this, she admonished Auntie Berman sharply for criticizing my efforts. "You should be kind and encourage her," she said. "Not make fun of her." Auntie Berman told me to put a floor in it so I cut a piece of foamcore and glued it down. Then I spray-painted it white.

Alice checks out the kitchen
The kitchen needed painting and I thought red would be a cheerful kitchen color.

Flora, Goldie, and Alice can't wait to get a stove

I found a little metal thing in the shed that would be a good refrigerator door handle.  I cleverly crafted a stove out of styrofoam (it's not done yet, so no remarks please).

Reginald and Alice admire the new stove

Auntie Berman provided new floor covering to relieve the unrelenting redness of the room.

Goldie thinks the flooring is wonderful

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mr. Constantinople

Imagine our surprise when Mr. Philadelphia's cousin, Constantine Constantinople, showed up! He was at the Salvation Army (regular store, not warehouse) and cost a goodly $6 but again there was a discount.

Mr. Constantinople
He is properly dressed in a Greek soldier outfit and doesn't require new clothes.

Mr. Philadelphia

Mr. Philadelphia was totally unexpected. He's not like the rest--he's made of cloth. We found him at St. Vincent's in the Boutique area, but not behind glass. He was $2. He was the right size. We got him.

Mr. Philadelphia poses in front of a picture of what his outfit should look like
The girls liked him, of course.

Dorinda, Ruby, Cassie, Goldie, Georgia, and Flora vie for Mr. Phil's attention.

Unfortunately, Mr. Philadelphia's skirt was ankle length. He has bright pink skin which may account for the length of his skirt. Oh, sorry, divided pants. I quickly made him a new outfit.

Here he discusses music with Ruby, while Starla, Mary Rose, and (unnamed) look on.

Another Little Girl

Residing at the Salvation Army warehouse, carelessly tossed in a box with some other dolls and with her arms and head detached, I found her wearing a dreadful plaid plastic dress.

She was way shorter than the dress, which I hadn't noticed, but she makes a good companion for the formerly Amish girl. I did her hair myself, with some red curls I had on hand (I couldn't wait for the Bunch O'Hair Salon to open up).

I haven't made her a proper dress yet, just this little cavegirl type tunic.

This is the playroom before it was painted. Auntie Berman is going to have charge of it since I'm rather careless with children.
Here it's been painted and the two little Finnish children have arrived, bringing their own chairs.

Glorious Dolorious

Glorious Dolorious in all her glory
Glorious Dolorious speaks for herself. Obviously, she doesn't need new clothes. We found her at Washoe ARC (in a glass case, she was so special). She cost a whopping $5 or $6 but Auntie Berman got her veterans discount, which helped. The other girls admire her greatly.

Dorinda, Glorious Dolorious, Georgia, and Bonnie show off their pink clothes.
She is limited to certain rooms at Wayfarers, since her spectacular headress takes up a lot of space.

All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl. (Charlie Chaplin)

We definitely needed more men. While cruising through eCrater, I saw HIM and was smitten.

Reginald had such perfect clothes. He will not have to be redressed. The girls loved him. Geoffrey and Edward were jealous at first but they have all become good friends.

Alice, Reginald, Bonnie, Geoffrey and little former Amish girl who doesn't have a name yet at Christmas.
His hat was something of a problem. He really should take it off in the house. Finally I started prying gently at it and it came off, revealing that Reginald was bald! Bald as a billiard ball. (Which reminds me, we're eventually going to have a game room at Wayfarers, complete with billiard table.)

But Auntie Berman went to work with her Delta Texture Magic paint and he now has a beautiful head of brown hair.

Edward's hair has since been painted black, which suits him to a T. Auntie Berman had originally given him a soul patch on his chin, which I firmly rejected. It made him look way too nerdy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

And More Brides

Next came another lot of dolls and parts. There were three Indian dolls and a papoose, but two were armless, headless dolls. Auntie Berman did her part by opening up the Bunch O'Hair Salon. A little Amish girl who looked very sad and was nearly bald beneath her bonnet was de-Amishized and given a head of golden hair. I made her a party dress and she's now very happy.

The girls wait eagerly at the Bunch O'Hair Salon
A delicate operation
Ruby, Mary Rose, Flora, and Georgia don't need their hair done
I know I'm leaving out many stories here, but I will move on to the girls in their party dresses.

Dorinda, Ruby, Mary Rose, Cassie, Goldie, Georgia, and Flora
Ruby is the compo Hollywood Doll from the Salvation Army. Flora came from the Doll and Teddy Bear show last October. She is compo and her outfit is so nice I haven't removed it. I am very pleased with Georgia's pink outfit.
Starla, Alice, Bonnie, Lauren, and (Unnamed)
Now some explanations. I don't really remember where Starla came from. She has a very white face. I found Lauren in a thrift shop and since she was the right size, I decided she could come live at Wayfarer's Inn even though she's not really one of their kind. She is an Anastasia doll with growing hair. The unnamed doll of color was originally the Indian-with-papoose girl. I was going to make her Hawaiian but at the Bunch O'Hair Salon she was given a beautiful golden hairdo and the hair stylist has threatened to kill me if I remove it. So I think maybe she's from Bourbon Street. I haven't named her but I'm sure an appropriate name will come along.

Next: A Visit From a Policeman or Reginald Comes to Stay

Here Come the Brides

Since Edith/Edward turned out not to be a bride, I kept searching and found these two girls.

Mary Rose and Goldie arrived from Philadelphia looking very frightened. They had never been so far from home before.  They were introduced to Geoffrey and Edward, but nothing was said about marriage because I didn't want to scare them.

Things are little misty after that but suddenly I began craving Small Dolls. These three girls were the next to arrive.

I don't remember where Cassie, Bonnie, and Dorinda came from. Somewhere far away. They weren't even scared--they were comatose.

Next came the Salvation Army find. On November 20, Auntie Berman insisted we go thrifting (of course I had to be dragged kicking and screaming). At the Salvation Army that we don't usually go to, we found a compo Hollywood Doll, Miss Valentine, whose arms and legs were nearly off, another 7 1/4 inch hard plastic doll and a newer one from the 60s made of vinyl. Best of all, they were all 75% off!



Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Small Dolls Started With Geoffrey

I don't remember what prompted me to get Geoffrey. I remember seeing a few of his kind on ebay, usually dressed as a bridegroom (later I found him as a cowboy and Robin Hood). For whatever reason, I was taken with him. I sent an email to my sisters (one is Auntie Berman and the other is Big Sis and both will feature prominently in these posts) that said: "It's the boy groom doll but the seller thinks it's a girl so it was only $2.99 plus $5.55 shipping."

The description was:


Then I wrote to Auntie Berman:  "Now I have to find him a bride and make him some clothes out of felt. Why oh why oh why??"

I made Geoffrey a nice set of clothes.

Then I saw a grim looking girl doll that I thought would be an appropriate bride. She had been listed before but hadn't sold and the price had been lowered. She arrived and looked even meaner in person. She reminded me of Grandma Murphy, legendary great-grandmother known for thumping small childen on the head with her thimble. I named her Edith after the aforesaid great-grandmother.

But later, when I was inspecting her and getting ready to make her a dress, her hair slipped back and in a scene straight out of the movie Homicidal, Edith was revealed to be Edward!

Not a very good photo and unfortunately I can't seem to find him in his Edith persona. He has new hair now (thanks to Auntie Berman) and is looking mighty spiffy but he hasn't had his picture taken yet with his new hair.
Next: The Brides