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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wayfarers Inn -- More Rooms

Above the music room and parlor is the Rooftop Garden. Yes, it needs a lot of work. I have decided to name the dolly from Bourbon Street Chardonay, Charlie for short.

Charlie and Starla admire the view from the rooftop garden

While Mary Rose, Ruby, and Mr. Philadelphia have a sing-along
The library:

I realize I called this the parlor before but since I made a really dreadful bookcase for it, it became the library.

An early attempt at the parlor or music room:

Reginald, former Amish girl, and Edward wonder how to put the room to rights
The dining room was painted and curtains made.

Glorious Dolorious and Cassie watch as Dorinda and Bonnie unpack the dining room implements

The dining table seemed a bit large, especially after I made chairs, so a smaller table has been temporarily substituted.

Cassie and the girls check out the new chairs
This was going to be the bedroom:

It was obviously too small. Our friend Mrs. Smith got inspired. She disappeared for a few hours and came back with The Glitter Room!

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  1. The bedroom is coming along (slowly). It is possible that the cureent bed-in-progress will have to be redesigned (you know what I mean!).