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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Little Girl

Residing at the Salvation Army warehouse, carelessly tossed in a box with some other dolls and with her arms and head detached, I found her wearing a dreadful plaid plastic dress.

She was way shorter than the dress, which I hadn't noticed, but she makes a good companion for the formerly Amish girl. I did her hair myself, with some red curls I had on hand (I couldn't wait for the Bunch O'Hair Salon to open up).

I haven't made her a proper dress yet, just this little cavegirl type tunic.

This is the playroom before it was painted. Auntie Berman is going to have charge of it since I'm rather careless with children.
Here it's been painted and the two little Finnish children have arrived, bringing their own chairs.


  1. Yes, I spotted the basket of dolls and doll parts but I knew they would be cheap because Francisco is our friend. And thanks for taking in the Finnish children since I had no place for the little tykes besides the roof of the mini American Girl doll box (and they could have fallen off at any time).

  2. And since my HLP is half Finnish, I knew they would fit in.