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Friday, March 18, 2011

A Visit From Mrs. Smith's Dolls

Mrs. Smith came back from California and brought her dollies to visit. One is a Geoffrey-type groom doll in a knitted outfit and a very nice hat. The girls are all dressed in their Native Costumes.

Mrs. Smith was in a terrible hurry, for some reason, so I was only able to set everyone up in the Glitter Room, take their picture, and give them back again. Geoffrey is standing with his back to the camera, behind a blue uh, egg cup. He is facing Mrs. Smith's groom doll, who was standing up straight before he fainted. His head is a bit noddy (he needs restringing).  Several of the dollies fainted. I think there was an earthquake.


  1. I think everyone should have a Glitter Room - and not just for dollies.

  2. Along with the Glitter Room there should be tiaras.....I will make it my mission to search out just such an accessory! MollyK.