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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl. (Charlie Chaplin)

We definitely needed more men. While cruising through eCrater, I saw HIM and was smitten.

Reginald had such perfect clothes. He will not have to be redressed. The girls loved him. Geoffrey and Edward were jealous at first but they have all become good friends.

Alice, Reginald, Bonnie, Geoffrey and little former Amish girl who doesn't have a name yet at Christmas.
His hat was something of a problem. He really should take it off in the house. Finally I started prying gently at it and it came off, revealing that Reginald was bald! Bald as a billiard ball. (Which reminds me, we're eventually going to have a game room at Wayfarers, complete with billiard table.)

But Auntie Berman went to work with her Delta Texture Magic paint and he now has a beautiful head of brown hair.

Edward's hair has since been painted black, which suits him to a T. Auntie Berman had originally given him a soul patch on his chin, which I firmly rejected. It made him look way too nerdy.

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  1. Great quote from Charlie Chaplin. We could make a movie featuring the dollies!
    I knew that Delta Texture Magic would come in handy (though all I could think of was to "stucco" the outside of a doll house).
    I don't know why you think a soul patch is nerdy but I suppose he does look better without it.