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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wayfarers Inn - The First Rooms

When I first got into the little dolls, Auntie Berman and I started talking about a doll house. My Husband-Like Person (HLP) looked worried for a couple of days. Finally he asked "Am I going to have to build you a doll house?" The look of relief on his face when I kindly said no (he hates woodworking) was priceless..

It's a shame he doesn't like woodworking. Because these dolls are mostly 7 1/4" tall, they are too big for standard doll houses and too small for playscale. So we had to use cardboard boxes. Auntie Berman kindly made the first room, a two-story affair that serves as a parlor and a music room.

I was anxious to get started on the kitchen, so I made a refrigerator.
The first stages of the kitchen
Auntie Berman came over and laughed herself sick. "That's a refrigerator?" she gasped. "You cut an egg carton in half. A 5-year-old could have done a better job." I beg to differ. A 5-year-old would not have been allowed to use the sharp scissors it took to cut the egg carton (and it was not in half, it was three quarters). I replied with dignity that it wasn't finished yet. When Big Sis heard about this, she admonished Auntie Berman sharply for criticizing my efforts. "You should be kind and encourage her," she said. "Not make fun of her." Auntie Berman told me to put a floor in it so I cut a piece of foamcore and glued it down. Then I spray-painted it white.

Alice checks out the kitchen
The kitchen needed painting and I thought red would be a cheerful kitchen color.

Flora, Goldie, and Alice can't wait to get a stove

I found a little metal thing in the shed that would be a good refrigerator door handle.  I cleverly crafted a stove out of styrofoam (it's not done yet, so no remarks please).

Reginald and Alice admire the new stove

Auntie Berman provided new floor covering to relieve the unrelenting redness of the room.

Goldie thinks the flooring is wonderful

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  1. You have come a LONG WAY in your crafting! (But you must admit your fridge was hilarious). Auntie Berman is always here for you :)