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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Couple of Different Dollies

Last summer or fall we picked up a couple of unwanted, nude dollies at Goodwill Bargain Bin. They caught my eye because they were so pretty. One was an Effanbee vinyl doll from 1978, possibly one of their Disney Princesses. The other is a totally unmarked doll (except for Made in China).

I haven't named them yet. I am leaning toward Priscilla and Tiffany, although we once had a ferret named Tiffany. (She was a very Valley Girl sort of ferret.) Priscilla always looks very snobbish and Tiffany looks demented in her pictures (but not in real life).

Yesterday, my HLP's scrapping partner found a tiny pair of handcuffs. HLP felt compelled to arrest the two girls.

Priscillal looks like she's been through this before, but Tiffany was quite horrified. She thought they were just dressing up to go to the mall.


  1. If Tiffany would get with the Punk Look she would totally put on handcuffs to go to the mall!

  2. Aren't you happy your HLP takes an interest in your doll collecting? Better check the dollhouse and see what he's been up to in there...

  3. Just what is an HLP? I'm "all at sea" here with these initial things! MKB

  4. It's not a "real" initial thing. It means Husband-Like Person and refers to Pete.