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Monday, March 14, 2011

And More Brides

Next came another lot of dolls and parts. There were three Indian dolls and a papoose, but two were armless, headless dolls. Auntie Berman did her part by opening up the Bunch O'Hair Salon. A little Amish girl who looked very sad and was nearly bald beneath her bonnet was de-Amishized and given a head of golden hair. I made her a party dress and she's now very happy.

The girls wait eagerly at the Bunch O'Hair Salon
A delicate operation
Ruby, Mary Rose, Flora, and Georgia don't need their hair done
I know I'm leaving out many stories here, but I will move on to the girls in their party dresses.

Dorinda, Ruby, Mary Rose, Cassie, Goldie, Georgia, and Flora
Ruby is the compo Hollywood Doll from the Salvation Army. Flora came from the Doll and Teddy Bear show last October. She is compo and her outfit is so nice I haven't removed it. I am very pleased with Georgia's pink outfit.
Starla, Alice, Bonnie, Lauren, and (Unnamed)
Now some explanations. I don't really remember where Starla came from. She has a very white face. I found Lauren in a thrift shop and since she was the right size, I decided she could come live at Wayfarer's Inn even though she's not really one of their kind. She is an Anastasia doll with growing hair. The unnamed doll of color was originally the Indian-with-papoose girl. I was going to make her Hawaiian but at the Bunch O'Hair Salon she was given a beautiful golden hairdo and the hair stylist has threatened to kill me if I remove it. So I think maybe she's from Bourbon Street. I haven't named her but I'm sure an appropriate name will come along.

Next: A Visit From a Policeman or Reginald Comes to Stay


  1. Plus, I have found a new calling in gathering up bunches of mohair hair and hot gluing them to dolls heads. Some of these look pretty good, if I do say so myself. The Bunch O'Hair Salon is open 7 days a week, I am always "on call."

  2. Then why did I have to do the little formerly Amish girl's hair myself? I did a very nice job, if I do say so myself. Although I didn't bunch it.