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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Food and More

Auntie Berman returned from her conference in San Francisco bearing gifts of food! Yes, doll-size food. She went to Chinatown but her real thrill was going to Japantown (I didn't even know there was a Japantown) and looking at the re-ment miniature food. She brought a basket of food to Wayfarers Inn.

Bonnie reaches for the cookies

A close-up of the food
The little package on the left is teeny little gummi-bears. The brown paper grocery sack was empty so I stuck a couple of little carrots in it.

She also brought an incense burner that had a little dog on it.

Jeff isn't sure if he likes the new puppy
Meanwhile, up in the atrium, Goldie and Geoffrey are having a picnic.

Goldie reaches for the wine bottle
The chair on the right is one I made from a box of milk.

There is something really wrong about (non-refrigerated) milk in a box and there's something really, really wrong with 1% lowfat milk. Why not just use water? I got the idea from a web site called Grandmother's Dollhouse There is a whole section on making cardboard box furniture. Many of the items call for corset boxes, which are in short supply nowadays so I had to turn to milk boxes. Once it was painted, it looked quite nice.

In case you are wondering about the progress of the toilet, well it's not a pretty picture.

After I dropped it in the dirt and it dried and I scrubbed it, I realized I was out of spray paint. Shiny appliance spray paint. So I asked my Husband-Like Person to get me a can at Walmart while he was there. When he returned, he was paintless. "I didn't have enough money," he said, quickly shoveling the last spoonful of a pint of ice cream down his throat and trying to hide the carton. Later (overcome with guilt, I hope) he gave me some flat white interior paint and I attempted to apply it evenly with a brush. You can see the results. Auntie Berman consoled by telling me we could sand off what I'd put on, and meanwhile HLP came up with a can of interior/exterior white spray paint and one of Crystal Clear Gloss. So we shall see.


  1. We are going to fix up a "craft area" so falling objects cannot collect dirt. Meanwhile, I am very proud that you attempted this project, in spite of the fact it is all about a toilet (!)
    It is a good thing I had limited money or I would have bought all the little Re-ment food and eraser food I saw. I hope the dollies don't get fat.

  2. Hi. Enjoyed my visit. Come over and visit me at my blog sometime.

  3. Bonnie is eagerly reaching for those cookies and Cassie has her eye on the gummi-bears, so I hope they don't get fat either. I'd have to make new clothes for them.

    I enjoyed your blog, AngelMc, and will go back to read more!

  4. Love the milk carton chair, very clever!

  5. Great chair and I think you should make a kitchen pantry for the food, possibly like the one on the website, grandmother's Dollhouse,com----great result if you can figure out the directions! (I know I'd have to make several practice ones to get it right....MollyK.) ;)

  6. I had thought of partitioning one end of the kitchen off to make a pantry. If we keep getting more food, I'll definitely have to do that. That seems easier than trying to make one from a box.