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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Doll Followed Me Home

I have been working (very part time) at Savers (aka Value Village), a thrift shop, and so far I haven't been real impressed with the dollies there. Yesterday I found out that we are supposed to wear green tee shirts on Saturdays. I was told I could pull one off the racks and wear it. I got off early (business is slow) and I decided I might as well buy it, since I don't have a plain green one at home, and thinking it would be a shame  to buy just one thing, I started looking at the dolls. Many of the toys are bundled and bagged and one contained a Barbie and--another Carmen Miranda doll! She is from the 60s, vinyl not hard plastic, but with a wonderful outfit. I couldn't resist. It seems there were many sales going on: since it was a "work shirt" the supervisor only charged me 99 cents for the tee shirt (originally $3.99), and then it was half off, and the "toy bag" was $1.99 minus 50%. So I only spent $1.62 including tax!

The New Girl poses in the Glitter Room

Auntie Berman thinks we should get one more CM doll (we think we saw one somewhere and they can have a Show in the Glitter Room.

Mary Rose admires the exotic outfits, although she's secretly glad
she doesn't have to wear such outlandish clothes

Posing in the Glitter Room while the Other Dolls look on

(The Other Dolls are in the Glitter Room because at this time they have nowhere else to go.)

Now I need a name for her that is as wonderful as Glorious Dolorious.

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