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Friday, April 29, 2011

More About the New Girls

I made each girl an outfit, although they aren't the greatest creations I've ever done. The black-haired one is named Lily and the formerly Amish one is Sally.

I removed the fringe of hair from Sally's forehead with acetone (accidently taking off a little of her right eyebrow) and gave her reddish brown hair. I was able to scrape the black paint off her feet, so she's no longer wearing high black boots. As I was scraping, I thought of my aunt and uncle who used to own a general store in rural Pennsylvania. The women who worked at the chicken factory would buy their boots at the general store and they always wanted white boots, "because they're prettier," they would explain to my aunt and uncle. The fact that the pretty white boots would soon be covered with chicken guts and blood didn't enter into it. I think I would have preferred black boots that wouldn't show the blood.

"You are my mother," cried Gloriana.
Sally is going to adopt Juliana, since she is an orphan.

"We'll be sisters!" says Juliana happily.
Georgia had thought briefly about adopting Juliana and now was glad she hadn't.

"Oh Alice," says Lily, "I think a pink toilet is wonderful!"
Alice doesn't have the heart to tell Lily that the toilet will be painted white.

"I don't care about your past, Edward. I really like you."
But what would Lily say if she knew the truth about Edward?


  1. Okay, I can't believe you didn't wait to take Sally to the Bunch o' Hair Salon but you did a pretty good job (probably from watching me do so many dolly heads).
    Don't tell Lily about Edward for awhile. Let her get to know him then she won't care about his past!

  2. The Bunch O' Hair Salon was NOT available to me 24/7, as claimed in their ads, and I couldn't wait because she was so very bald. But yes, I did learn a lot from you and that's why I did it myself.