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Monday, April 4, 2011

Moving In

I know many of you will not be able to sleep until you know that the dollies are safe in their new home. We still have a lot of rearranging and setting up and acquiring to do, but we did get moved in tonight.

The left side of the house. Georgia is upstairs where the bedrooms will be, while on the floor below Starla and Reginald admire the dining room and Juliana and Mary Rose plan what will go in the den/ library

A close-up of the den/library. It will have chairs and a bookcase.

The right side of the kitchen. Goldie likes the spaciousness while Jeff wonders where his food bowl is. It seems to have gotten lost in the move.

The left side of the kitchen. Bonnie, Glorianna (is that what I named her?) and Flora wonder if things should be arranged differently.

Overall view of the right side of the house.

I put the children's room in the basement. There really wasn't room for them anywhere else. Yes, there are monsters on the floor.

Chardonay and Lauren check out the music room. It needs a bit of decorating.

Now the only big problem is where to put the Glitter Room. It's too fabulous not to include. It may have to be across the room from the house.


  1. I came home from tutoring and teaching (and learning Portugese) tonight and there it was in all its glory -- The Dollhouse! It looks wonderful and we still have miles to go and fun to have.
    I think you changed Glorianna's name after you got Glorious Delorious because they would be confused. Hmmm, better check their records...

  2. But in Real Life many people have similar names. And you know my dollies ARE real.