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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two More Dolls

I found two dollies at work that I had to bring home. They are from the 60s, made of vinyl.

An Amish doll for Gloriana's mother! I can't wait to de-Amishize her and give her some hair and new clothes. She has a fringe of brown hair in front, but is bald otherwise. The one on the right has beautiful black hair and blue eyes. Her dress is in good shape but she wants a more versatile wardrobe. They both need their staples removed.

"My long lost daughter!"
Gloriana's not sure about this. She has vague memories of her Amishness but she likes her golden hair and pink dress too much to be sure if she wants an Amish mother. I assured her that her mother would soon have lots of hair and a pretty dress. (I had nothing against the Amish until I heard about the puppy mills they run.)

The girls are shown around the house.

"What a lovely dining room!"
Starla is keeping a close watch on Reginald, while Mr. Constantinople admires from afar. Edward isn't sure how much of his past the new dolls know, so he is keeping a low profile.

"And this is the library where we often relax," explains Cassie. 
There is a new bookcase in the library. It used to be pink but was mercifully painted. There is also a small chest donated by Auntie Berman.

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  1. Nice haul at the thrift store -- you worked one hour then spent half your pay on dollies and a bus ride home. Thanks for the articulated Barbie. I hope her head transplant goes well.
    We need to repaint the bookcase. Don't forget, the chest is from Peru with a Nazca monkey inlaid on the top.