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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Bag of New Girls and Eye Transplants

I finally got around to putting together the bag of doll parts that Mrs. Smith got for me. I was able to make five complete dolls. The little Storybook doll needs an arm and she is not put together the same as the rest, so I am saving her for another day.

Luckily we had found some clothes while thrifting.

I made the dresses for the two left-hand girls. The one in blue has part of a hat glued to her hair, which she will have to keep on until they all go to the Bunch O Hair Salon. The middle one originally had a huge ruffle around the bottom of her skirt but it looks much nicer without it. The colorful outfit of Girl #4 involves a small bathing suit, a midriff top, and a skirt. Girl #5 is wearing what appears to be pajama pants and a slightly too big top.

I thought one of the girls had her eyes stuck closed and tried to loosen them with a crochet hook, but then we decided someone had maybe painted over her eyes. It's hard to tell.

Sort of like Little Orphan Annie with blunked-out eyeballs
I wanted Auntie Berman to paint in eyes, but she refused. One of us got the bright idea of an eye transplant. But who would be the donor?  I remembered that I have a few extra Barbie heads.

"I like her eyes!"
It would bother me to take an Xacto knife to an innocent doll's head, but it didn't faze Auntie Berman a bit. (You may recall she once scalped a small doll in a failed experiment involving hair.)

The donor looks at her eye.
With the aid of a hot glue gun, the operation was quickly completed.

Don't look too closely.
It does look like she has bags under her eyes, but we prefer to think she's wearing goggles of some sort and it gives her a steampunk look. Anyway, she is very happy to see again. (The discarded Barbie head was given to a very happy dog for his amusement.)

Next, the new girls went to Wayfarers Inn.

"Lovely kitchen!"
Alice and Reginald show the new girl the dining room.
"What a beautiful bathtub!"

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  1. How many dolls do you have now? The Inn is going to be a very popular venue!!!

    If you want that knitted top I made, the one that Chloe refuses to wear, email me It should fit Ken I think. Let me know if you want it.