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Saturday, July 23, 2011

More New Dolls and a Bathtub

I have neglected Wayfarers Inn because of my bad case of Barbie Fever, but today we went thrifting and at Salvation Army Warehouse we found four little dolls. One was loose and three were in a bag that Salvation Army had originally tried to sell for $29.99. We asked the manager (we'll call him Pedro) how much and he said "Let's see, how much is a third of that?" "Ten dollars," we said sadly and started to turn away. "Okay," he said. "How about $7 for all four of them?" We accepted that gratefully. We like Pedro and he is always very generous. We found a few more things and moved on.

First up is the black doll, not quite a Carmen Miranda but I think we can Carmen Mirandize her:

Alas, she does NOT photograph well
She does not really have fangs but every picture I took of her made her look like she has them. Lola Gladiolus and Glorious Dolorious are not quite sure what to think of her. I am sure that once she's dressed like they are they will all get along fine. Her name is Lena Argentina.

An exciting find at Goodwill Bargain Bin was a bathtub!

Flora, Goldie, Sally, and Bonnie think the bathtub is wonderful.
It was a candle and still has wax in it, but that makes it look like it really has bathwater in it. Kind of dirty bathwater but that makes it more realistic.

The girls argue over who gets the first bath.
One of the new dolls turned out to be: MRS. CONSTANTINOPLE!

"Darling! I thought you went down on the Athena and I would never see you again."
"I was rescued by a fishing boat and spent six months in the Azores." 
Everyone is thrilled for the reunited couple and refreshments are served.

"I just love happy endings," Lily whispers to Starla.
The other new girls meet in the music room.

"My, what outlandish clothes," Cassie whispers to Georgia.
The Dutch girl on the left is new from a couple of weeks ago. I got her at work. The one in the striped dress on the right I also got at work and then discovered she is missing her right arm, but maybe I will find a spare.

"A piano and guitars and a victrola! I like this place."

So the other two new ones we got today are the girl with the red vest and lace apron and the one in the gold dress. I'm not sure what countries these girls are supposed to represent (other than the Dutch girl), but they are very colorful and I don't think I'll remove their clothes.


  1. Your stories really make me smile! Love the reunited couple.

  2. I'm pleased to finally be on the subscription list for your blog, Kit (&Sherry, too, right?)What was going on with your Barbie phase? How did you spend that time, sister mine? MollyK.

  3. I really need to spend more time on Wayfarers Inn, Ann, and get back to Edward and Lily's romance. I was so thrilled to find Mrs. Constantinople and had to have a reason why she had been separated from her husband.

    MollyK, you can read all about it on my Dolly Fever Blog. There is a link to it at the top right of the page. I am a glutton for punishment so I have two blogs (and dozens of dolls). Where will it all end?