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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rhett Butler Moves In

I had noticed Rhett Butler/Clark Gable standing on the Girls' Toys shelf at work for a couple of days and finally investigated. He was 8 inches tall and made of a hard plastic with painted-on clothes.

I thought he was probably too tall for the little dolls, but decided I'd try him out. Although he is taller than everybody, I don't think he's out of place.

Rhett meets Jeff in the library.
He seems even more normal in the dining room.
Goldie and Geoffrey wish Rhett would not look over their shoulders.
Meanwhile, Tiffany the mini Liv doll came for a brief visit to Wayfarers Inn.

"Oh my! I feel very small here."

"They're all looking down at me!"
"I don't want to be one of the children!"
It's amazing what a difference an inch and a half makes. Tiffany decided to go back and live with the Graysons. DollyFever

"This family is weird, but I like it much better here than at Wayfarers Inn."

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