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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dr. Frankenstein Gets To Work or Restringing the Hard Plastic Dolls

We have six new girls for Wayfarers Inn (after I get them dressed). They are all very happy with their new bodies.

I had already restrung three of them when it occurred to me I should be documenting this.

First you run the doll-stringing elastic through one armhole and out through the neck.

Now poke it up into the doll's head. There is a little plastic bar that runs from her nose/mouth area to the back of her head. The tricky part is to get the elastic over the bar and back out her neck.

I used extra long tweezers. There is a great deal of poking around and trying to grab the end of the elastic. I had a small crochet hook that helps, but I seem to have misplaced it. However, I finally got hold of the elastic and pulled it through.

Now poke the end of the elastic back into the neck hole and out the opposite armhole.

Tie a knot or a double knot in one end of the elastic.

Slide the hook of the arm over the elastic. Be sure you get the left arm on the left side. These girls have enough problems with mismatched body parts.

You can trim the end of the elastic if you want. Poke it all inside her armhole.

Now tie a knot as close to the other armhole as possible, stretching the elastic. Hook the other arm above the knot and pop the arm into place.

Voila! Dolly is a whole new person now.

The newer dolls are amazed. They are glad they will never have to endure such an operation.

Now they just need clothes and they'll be ready to move into Wayfarers Inn.


  1. Great tutorial, wish I'd seen it last year, I threw a doll away because it's arms and legs had come off, teach me to throw things away won't it!!!

  2. Last year I paid $10 to have a 14" R&B doll restrung. Of course, she had moveable legs as well, but I figured I could at least try and see how they turned out. The only problem is that one or both of their arms tends to fly up in the air at odd moments. Maybe the elastic is too tight or there's something I'm not doing right. But at least they are all "together" now.

  3. That is interesting activity for kids on summer. That will be loved:)


  4. On the small dolls, you can also use small rubber bands but they don't last very long. I think a smaller diameter elastic would be a good choice.