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Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Dolls Coming Soon

Actually, all their body parts are here. Auntie Berman and I went to the Easter Seals Thrift Shop and the first thing I spotted in the toy section was this:

88 cents for the whole bag! I would have been willing to spend $5 on it. Maybe $10. I was so thrilled. I wasn't sure if there were enough arms for everybody, but I knew I would at least get a couple of whole dolls out of it.

Later I sorted through things.

Seven bodies, five heads (the one on the far right is a head I already had) and six and a half sets of arms. I need to see if the arms are all left/right sets, but even if someone has to have two left arms I will try to make it unnoticeable. There were several heavy rubber bands in the bag, like someone had tried to use them to repair the dolls. I have doll-stringing elastic and will fix them up beautifully.

Three of the bodies are vinyl from the 60s. One is a PMA (Plastic Molded Arts) body from the 40s or 50s. The blonde on the right has Edward's head and face, before he had his operation.  She has a Duchess body, probably from the 40s. Two bodies are unmarked hard plastic.

I know I have neglected Wayfarers Inn dreadfully, because I had (and have) a bad case of Barbie Fever, but this find inspires me to get to work on them again.


  1. It wouldn't have occured to me to buy these, you have a much more imaginative mind than I do!

  2. I've been on the lookout for "body parts" and didn't really think I'd ever find them except on ebay.