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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Wayfarers Inn

We have some new residents of Wayfarers Inn, even though I keep saying I'm not going to get any more. When I got my latest Sweet Sue doll, Sally, she arrived in a hatbox with three small hard plastic dolls.

The two smaller ones actually have legs that bend! They are dressed in lovely pink dresses. The taller one is wearing what might be a bridesmaid dress. They were happy to go to Wayfarers Inn.

Geoffrey introduces himself in the music room.
The girl in the plaid skirt is actually another new girl that I got a few weeks ago, but I don't really remember the circumstances. Sometimes they just happen!

Goldie is happy that someone can finally sit on the couch.
Gloriana and Juliana bring Jeff the dog in to meet the new little girls.

We found this lovely organ but there's not really room for it in the music room. We might have to do some rearranging.

Another find was another bathtub.

"Where did this huge bathtub come from? We like our pretty one much better"
It is rather big and it's too small for the Barbies, so it will be put away until the right-sized dolls come along.

In my doll hunting frenzy of yesterday, I saw several dolls at my own store and I hadn't even known they were there, because they were in the Housewares/Collectibles section. They seemed older than the little dolls I have. Showing great restraint, I only got two. They both need restringing.

Welcome home, dollies!
Merry Christmas from Wayfarers Inn!


  1. You got more good finds, love them all. On Friday I went to all the charity shops near where I live, not one doll to be seen. I wonder what people here in England do with old dolls, throw them away I expect!

  2. Maybe they keep them and cherish them! Sometimes I think "What if there weren't any more dolls to buy?" But then I tell myself to stop obsessing and enjoy the ones I have.

  3. I want to visit Wayfarer's Inn!

  4. It's a very friendly place. If I had room, I'd add on to it. They're going to need a 30-room mansion soon!